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The Earth Charter Education Center offers a variety of online education programs that place special emphasis on the importance of incorporating values ​​and principles for sustainability in learning and decision-making processes.

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5 July – 27 August, 2021

Visiones del Mundo y Carta de la Tierra

EN ESPAÑOL, EN LÍNEA y FACILITADO. Este curso trata de cómo contando determinados mitos, leyendas, fábulas y cuentos ilustrativos de los principios y valores de la Carta de la Tierra podemos transformar nuestra civilización.

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6 September – 8 October, 2021

Introduction to Systems Thinking 2021

ONLINE & FACILITATED. This course is an opportunity to build a global system of systems leaders who help their organizations to discover meaningful missions that will transition our ways of living on the planet to become sustainable and resilient.

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13 September – 1 November, 2021

Business and Ethical Leadership for Sustainability Online Course

ONLINE & FACILITATED. This course will equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to take business ethics and sustainability practices to higher levels by using the Earth Charter (EC) as a framework.

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10 October – 14 November, 2021

Agentes de la Carta de la Tierra

Este curso atiende a la necesidad que tienen las personas de entre 14 y 17 años, de conocimientos y herramientas que les ayuden a desenvolverse y actuar en sus vidas adaptándose al entorno y circunstancia global que han heredado.

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Earth Charter Center for Education for Sustainable Development

The EC Education Center offers a variety of online and on-site education programmes that highlight the importance of incorporating sustainability values and principles into decision-making and education. It provides an opportunity for participants to expand their understanding of sustainability, and see the possibilities for turning it into action.

The Center forges new paths in education for sustainable development, global citizenship education, and emerging leadership. It is a unique place that helps professionals and young leaders build their capacity to integrate the knowledge, values, and skills needed for a sustainable way of life.

The EC Education Center is located on the campus of the University for Peace in San José, Costa Rica.

The Center’s work is implemented under the UNESCO Chair on Education for Sustainable Development with the Earth Charter, which generates educational programmes and research activities at the intersection of sustainability, ethics and education. These programmes are offered in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

The Center contributes to the implementation of UNESCO Resolutions adopted in 2003 (32C/17) and 2019 (40C/20) which, recognize the Earth Charter as an important ethical framework for sustainable development, and encourages Member States to use the Earth Charter in Education for Sustainable Development processes, particularly in the implementation of the ESD for 2030 framework.

Our participants

Since 2003, more than 180,000 people have participated in our courses and programmes. We receive participants with a wide range of ages, nationalities, and spheres of action.

“I gained a great deal from taking this course recently from both a personal and professional perspective; it made me acutely aware of our global environmental challenges, social justice issues and responsibility to be mindful and inclusive. I quickly realized that I needed to be knowledgeable about issues and how they can be applied in classrooms with all students.”

Dr. Rose Cardarelli, FACHE
Executive Council, KDP | NGO/DPI Representative to the UN
CEO, Education For All Coalition – Participated in the Online Certificate on ESD.

Sherry Bruce, science and extracurricular teacher in Australia. (

“The Earth Charter course has been an inspiration and a truly transformational learning journey. I started this course with the intention of rediscovering the Earth Charter and finding ways to incorporate it in my educational activities. I have also found the inspiration to incorporate it as part of my own life.”

Maria Garcia, Windesheim Honours College, Netherlands, Participant in the 2019 Online Certificate on ESD

LEED Building

The Earth Charter Center for Education for Sustainable Development at the University for Peace is Costa Rica´s first educational institution whose facility was built following Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) sustainable certification procedures. The Center has obtained the LEED Silver Level certification.

LEED is an independent internationally accepted certification programme on high-performance construction, design, and operation in sustainable buildings, developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).

The main characteristics of the building’s sustainability include: 90% of the construction’s residues were reused or recycled, natural lighting and ventilation systems, were incorporated; more than 40% of the building used locally available material; and wastewater treatment technology is located on site.

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Browse the EC Virtual Library to access documents that will help you implement the Earth Charter.
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