Earth Charter International

Earth Charter International (ECI) is comprised of the ECI Secretariat and the ECI Council. The ECI Secretariat, which is based at the United Nations-mandated University for Peace in Costa Rica, endeavours to promote the mission, vision, strategies, and policies adopted by the ECI Council. It supports the work of the Council, assists with strategic planning, and coordinates many Earth Charter activities. The Secretariat guides and liaises with efforts to bring the Earth Charter to the fields of education, youth, business, and religion, manages communications with the larger Earth Charter network, and promotes the use of the Earth Charter as an international soft law document.

  • staff ECI

    Promote the mission, vision, strategies and policies adopted by the ECI Council.

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  • ECI Council June 2014

    Sets goals, policies, and strategies for ECI, and provides guidance and leadership to the Initiative.

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  • about-strategy
    Mission, Vision & Goals

    To raise awareness worldwide of the Earth Charter .

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  • eci course image

    Education is at the core of ECI´s work.

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  • about-us-dialogue

    We must deepen and expand the global dialogue that generated the Earth Charter.

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  • about-earth-charter-network-facilitation
    Network Facilitation

    One of Earth Charter International’s core functions is to support the EC Initiative network.

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  • about-earth-charter-advisors

    The team that provides expert advice and support for the ECI Council and Secretariat.

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  • earth-charter-about-affiliates

    Promote the Earth Charter and implement ECI strategies in their countries.

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  • earth-charter-partners

    Organizations whose activities are supportive of the Earth Charter and the Earth Charter Initiative.

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  • earth-charter-commission

    Advisers and supporters of the Earth Charter Initiative and Ambassadors for the Earth Charter.

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  • earth-charter-frequently-ask-questions

    Learn about the Earth Charter by reviewing this list of frequently asked questions.

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  • about-earth-charter-annual-report
    Annual Reports

    Read the Earth Charter Annual Reports and Progress Reports from 1995 through 2014.

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