Alide Roerink

alide-roerink-ec-friends-network-netherlandsAlide Roerink is an anthropologist and has been involved over the years in networking, advocacy, and policy development for gender justice, international solidarity, and global governance. In the ’90s Alide Roerink was coordinator of an influential network of gender experts in development agencies in The Netherlands. From 2000 to 2013 she worked at the National Committee for International Cooperation and Sustainable Development (NCDO). She coordinated several multi-stakeholder consultations in the context of key UN conferences on sustainable development and international cooperation. Together with Earth Charter Commissioner Ruud Lubbers, Alide initiated the Round Table of Worldconnectors for People and the Planet ( and recently the new Earth Charter Fund and Earth Charter Friends network in the Netherlands ( Alide cooperated with the Earth Charter Initiative in the launch of the Earth Charter in 2000 in the Peace Palace in The Hague and in several key global Earth Charter events, such as the celebration of 5 and 10 years Earth Charter. Alide Roerink initiated and co-edited the book Earth Charter in Action: Towards a Sustainable World. Alide Roerink was advisor to the Earth Charter Initiative before she joined the Council.

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