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Lessons Learned: How Nations Have Responded to Climate Change on the Need to Fix Responsibility to Do Applied Ethical Analysis

This essay argues that global environmental challenges such as climate change raise numerous ethical issues that should guide policy-makers in formulating policy. However, recent research concludes these ethical issues are largely being ignored by policy-makers and the media covering national debates about these topics. There is a need to fix responsibility in government to identify ethical issues that arise in policy, explain how the ethical perspectives were considered or ignored, and expand the work of NGOs working on environmental challenges to include a much deeper applied ethics focus of their work.

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The Systems View of Life: A Science for Sustainable Living – Speech by Fritjof Capra at the Earth Charter Center March 20, 2015

This is a speech given by Dr. Fritjof Capra at the Earth Charter plus 15 Forum: Finding Synergies and Building Bridges Reorienting Education towards Sustainable Development, Sustainable Consumption and Global Citizenship Under the framework of the UNESCO Chair on Education for Sustainable Development and the Earth Charter.

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La Charte de la Terre, texte de droit international de

Ce document passe en revue le processus nécessaire à Charte de la Terre afin de devenir un instrument de ‘Soft Law’ internationalement reconnu, par l’importance que ceci requérait pour elle. La visée première de la Charte de la Terre est de se constituer en un code de conduite universel afin guider les individus et les nations vers un développement durable.

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