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  • Published: 2018 Country: International

    A Mapting How-to-Use-Guide

    This guide walks you through the Mapting app step by step. Learn how to Snap and Map your sustainable actions while discovering the Sustainable Development Goals and how they relate to the Earth Charter Principles. To download Mapting go to:…

  • Published: 2015 Country: Spain

    Cuento Bajo la Acacia

    Bajo la acacia es un cuento realista, dirigido a niños y niñas a partir de 8 años, que reflexiona sobre los ejes del documento Carta de la Tierra. Presentamos una propuesta de desarrollo didáctico en las aulas de segundo y…

  • Published: 2014 Country: International

    Reporte Perspectiva Juvenil sobre EDS

    Resultado de la consulta regional a jóvenes latinoamericanos sobre su perspectiva de la educación para el desarrollo sostenible.

  • Published: 2014 Country: Belarus

    Partnership Network of Sustainable Development Schools: Inter-Regional Cooperation and Sustainable Change

    "Partnership Network of Sustainable Development Schools: Inter-regional Cooperation and Sustainable Change": The Collection. Scientific-Method. Mater., Recommended. and Experience / Ed. N.N. Koshal, S.B. Savelava - Minsk: Academy of Postgraduate Education, 2014

  • Published: 2013 Country: International

    Earth Charter Youth Toolkit – 2013

    Earth Charter Youth Tool Kit - Resources and Activities for the Development of Youth Activism

  • Published: 2012 Country: Mexico

    La Carta de la Tierra de los Jovenes Mexicanos

    Esta es una adaptacion de la Carta de la Tierra para el contexto Mexicano, con un vocabulario accesible a los jovenes.

  • Published: 2011 Country: International

    EC Children Radio Program in Costa Rica

    Earth Charter Radio Program for children in Costa Rica hosted by the Children Museum.

  • Published: 2011 Country: Malaysia

    Youth Forum in Malaysia Report

    Report of the Earth Charter Youth Forum on Rio+20, held in the framework of the Seeds of Hope exhibition - 24 April 2011.

  • Published: 2011 Country: United States

    Reflections Contest with the Earth Charter

    Article and original essays of the Kenmore School's reflection contest, fall 2010.

  • Published: 2011 Country: International

    Manga The Earth Charter (English)

    The Earth Charter Manga jointly published by Norio Yamanoi & The Earth Charter Committee of Asia Pacific and Japan

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