The Bahrain Women Association for Human Development participated in the Arab Regional Meeting on the Earth Charter in 2001. Since then, they have been making efforts to promote the sustainability vision articulated in the Charter. For example, they created the Environmental Citizenship Program (2003) with which they provided many workshops for middle and high school students on the principles of the Earth Charter. They also introduced the Earth Charter in radio public service announcements (2010).

Bahrain Women Association for HD participated in the 10th anniversary of the Earth Charter and are part of the Earth Charter MENA network. In recent years, they have focused on creating workshops for youth associations, women organizations, universities, and government agencies. The Association is also involved in a number of environmental events happening in the country. For these events, they have created post cards and booklets with inspiring images and phrases related to the Earth Charter.

The Bahrain Women Association has continued to be involved in the Earth Charter Initiative, offered Earth Charter workshops, and members participated in the Earth Charter +15 Art Project One by Dutch artist Alette de Groot.

In 2011, IMPACT Bahrain, a marketing and advertising company endorsed the Earth Charter and supported it by creating a temporary Earth Charter website in Arabic. A representative of this company is a member of the Earth Charter MENA Network.


Organizational Endorsers