Earth Charter Around the World

  • Jade NL Youth
    Netherlands Jade Peters’ Earth Charter Youth Story

    We invite you to listen to the story of Jade Peters. She created a piece of art...

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  • YLT, Group Photo, 29.11.07 Youth
    International Dominic Stucker’s EC Youth Story

    Dominic Stucker, born in Germany and raised in the USA, was the Earth Charter Youth Coordinator from...

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  • Nikol Jiron and Mateo Castillo Youth
    Costa Rica Nicole Jirón’s EC Youth Story

    Nicole Jirón Beirute became involved with the Earth Charter Initiative at age 17…

  • 20840686_10211945333221784_9119335387579701361_n Youth
    Brazil Gabriela’s 16 year Earth Charter Youth Story

    Gabriela was introduced to the Earth Charter in 2002 during the Second World Social Forum in Porto...

  • UK’s first Earth Charter schoo Educators
    United Kingdom An Earth Charter School

    The children learn that to make the world a better place starts with them.

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  • Earth Reports SDG5 General
    International Earth Report on Gender Equality

    CEE and ECI are developing reports that strive to integrate ethics into the SDGs processes. This first...

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  • wow story Business
    Netherlands Walas and Earth Charter

    This company works on Sustainable Urban Development and uses the Earth Charter as the ethical compass.

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  • Karen Proa Youth
    MEXICO Karen Proa: From Girl Scout to ECYL

    Karen has a special connection with the Earth Charter. Check out her story on how she became...

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  • esther-kelechi-agbarakwe-nigeria Youth
    Nigeria From Youth Group to UN Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth

    Watch Esther’s Earth Charter Youth Story here

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  • Art - Musical from Japan inspired by the Earth Charter Artists
    New York Musical from Japan

    Our Blue Planet Will it Survive Till Tomorrow?” is a musical inspired by the Earth Charter and...

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  • Art - Raffi and the Earth Charter Artists
    International Raffi and the EC

    In the summer of 2003, Raffi, a famous Canadian children’s singer and songwriter, launched…

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  • Art - Earth Charter Music Life Alert Album Spiritual & Religious
    International EC Music Life Alert Album

    This album contains 12 songs that reflect the ethical principles of the Earth Charter. The songs are...

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  • Education - Using the Earth Charter as a thinking tool and a talking point Educators
    South Africa EC as a thinking tool

    Reflections on environmental education courses at Rhodes University, South Africa.

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  • Education - Earth Scouts - Earth Champs Educators
    United States Earth Champs

    Sustainability for Seychelles is an NGO that explored how the Earth Charter could…

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  • theologian-leonardo-boff-pope-encyclical Spiritual & Religious
    International The Pope’s Encyclical

    Theologian Leonardo Boff reflects on the linkages between the Earth Charter and the Encyclical.

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  • featured-story-indigenous-girls Business
    Brazil Cultivating Good Water

    Itaipu Binacional developed a programme to engage & sensitize citizens on sustainability values.

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  • fmr Youth
    Costa Rica From EC Youth to Deputy Minister

    Deputy Minister of Waters, Seas, Coasts and Wetlands of Costa Rica participated in online youth course

  • hey Artists
    Costa Rica The EC and HEY 4 Degrees Art

    Reflections on the Importance of Art in the Transition Towards a Fair, Just and Sustainable World

  • Assouan Thumbnail Youth
    Togo Earth Charter Youth Story From Togo

    Assouan Gbesso was an active Earth Charter Young Leader engaging youth with the Earth Charter in Togo.

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  • Theater and the Earth Charter Artists
    North America Theater and EC

    A North American educator shares her successful experience with the Earth Charter.

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  • El hotel Hilton Arlington Business
    United States Hilton Arlington Hotel

    The Hilton Arlington Hotel, located in Virginia (USA) is successfully using the Earth Charter in everyday…

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  • Inclusive Leaders Explore the Earth Charter
    International Explore the Earth Charter

    Canadian educators feature the Earth Charter in their training programme.

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  • Prof_Moacir_Gadotti_2012-14 Educators
    Brazil A pedagogy for every day

    Essay on eco-pedagogy as the appropriate pedagogy to the Earth Charter process.

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  • Playing and Learning about Sustainability Educators
    International Playing and Learning

    Kids, online media, and the Little Earth Charter. A media education experience for children and…

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  • Ana Person sings to the Earth Charter (Brazil) Artists
    Brazil Ana Person sings to EC

    The show “Ana Person sings to the Earth Charter”, presented to the public for the first time...

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  • My experience with the Earth Charter Youth
    Brazil My experience with EC

    Jay van Amstel from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, shared with us his experience with the Earth Charter.

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  • logo_ugr Educators
    Spain Beyond Cognitive Learning

    Facilitating a Reconnection between the Community and Nature. Experiences of the University of…

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  • Demi_stories Youth
    Finland Personal experience

    What a young person can do to promote the values and principles of the Earth Charter?

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  • Conference in Bournemouth Local Communities
    United Kingdom Bournemouth

    Pupils from the Avonbourne School hosted an Earth Charter inspired conference on 8th July 2011…

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  • Hands_Holding_Earth United Nations & Global Governance
    International Global Governance

    In Search for Global Governance, the Significance of the Earth Charter Western legal traditions are…

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  • the earth charter Educators
    International La Carta de la Tierra

    Una herramienta para guiar la educación ambiental y la acción en la comunidad de Seychelles…

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  • What can do General
    International What can you do?

    Read this action guidelines to get ideas of how you can start putting this document in action.

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  • Charter Challenge for Youth, A European Educators
    Europe Challenge for Youth

    Creative Earth Charter Challenge for Youth, A European Experience with the Earth Charter and students…

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  • The Earth Charter Project in Schools Educators
    Italy EC Project in Schools

    The story of Centro Studi per la Pace Onlus, Italy.

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  • Promoting sustainable schools through the Earth Charter Educators
    Venezuela sustainable schools

    The Experience with Eco-schools in Venezuela

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  • Education - Using the Earth Charter at the Education Department  University of Crete, Greece
    Greece Education Department

    As a university Professor teaching methodology and education for sustainability, I was searching for…

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  • Handbook Educators
    International Handbook for teaching

    Handbook for teaching sustainability values using the Earth Charter, Germany. The “Erd-Charta…

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  • borneo student Educators
    Borneo Whole School Approach

    A story from the Heart of Borneo Island

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  • Education - Butterflies and being kind Educators
    United States Butterflies and being kind

    The story of Voyager Montessori School using the Earth Charter.

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  • Education - Becoming a Sustainable Campus Educators
    United States Sustainable Campus

    An Experience with the Earth Charter Community Summits at University Wisconsin Oshkosh, USA.

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  • Local Communities - The City of Toronto and the Earth Charter
    United States The City of Toronto

    The Toronto & Region Conservation Authority (TRCA), after endorsing the Earth Charter in 2002, began…

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  • Mary Evelyn & John Grim Spiritual & Religious
    International Mary Evelyn & John Grim

    This is a series of interviews conducted in 2013 during their visit to the Earth Charter Center...

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  • Peter Blaze Corcoran, left, is the Director of the Center for the Environmental and Sustainability Education program at FGCU, founded two years ago to push the university into the spotlight on environmental issues.  Michel Fortier/Staff Educators
    United States Infusing the Earth Charter

    Infusing the Earth Charter into Research and Curriculum. The story of Florida Gulf Coast University, USA.

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  • Education - A pedagogy for every day life Educators
    Brazil pedagogy for every day

    Essay on eco-pedagogy as the appropriate pedagogy to the Earth Charter process.

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  • Education - Mato Grosso Writes Its Earth Charter Educators
    Brazil Mato Grosso

    People from the Brazilian Central West Region, Mato Grosso wrote its own Earth Charter, in an attempt…

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  • Business - Philips Brazil and the Earth Charter Business
    Brazil Philips Brazil & EC

    Philips Brazil used the Earth Charter Principles in its sustainability reporting

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  • llanto verde Artists
    Mexico Llanto Verde

    Llanto Verde” (Green Cry) is an itinerant exhibition of sixteen pictorial pieces of art inspired on the...

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  • The Experience of Promotora Ambiental Company (Mexico) Business
    Mexico Promotora Ambiental

    The Earth Charter was used as a Reference of Reflection and Change in PASA, a Mexican Company…

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  • Let's learn Educators
    International Let’s learn

    A teachers’ guidebook and students’ workbook to learn about sustainability.

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  • Youth - For youth, by youth Youth
    Mexico For youth, by youth

    Using the Earth Charter to raise awareness among students of the University of Guanajuato, Mexico.

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    Mexico Using arts

    Using arts to promote environmental culture in Mexico. Cardiela Amézcua Luna is an art teacher…

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  • Interview of Leonardo Boff Spiritual & Religious
    International Interview Leonardo Boff

    Eco theologian Leonardo Boff speaks about ethical principles, values in a globalized world…

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  • India & Netherlands Business
    International India & Netherlands

    Earth Charter used as a reference in a conflict between India and the Netherlands

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  • Proportion Foundation Business
    International Proportion Foundation

    Lieke Pijpers of the ProPortion Foundation (Netherlands) has been challenged to explain…

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  • Interview with Peter Head Business
    International Interview with Peter Head

    Interview with Peter Head Consultant and Former Chairman of Global Planning, ARUP, on Earth Charter…

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  • Global Governance - Lessons Learned How Nations Have Responded to Climate Change on the Need to Fix Responsibility to Do Appl United Nations & Global Governance
    International Lessons Learned

    This essay argues that global environmental challenges such as climate change raise numerous…

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  • Pictures of Success Business
    International Pictures of Success

    Pictures that show how constructive engagement with the big issues in the world can enrich the lives…

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  • Winning the Struggle United Nations & Global Governance
    International Winning the Struggle

    Against Global Warming A Report to the Earth Charter International Council.

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  • The Policy Relevance Educators
    Europe The Policy Relevance

    The Policy Relevance of the Earth Charter for Europe A Paper Prepared for the Maastricht Forum on…

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  • Earth Charter - UNESCO CD Artists
    International EC – UNESCO CD

    Pour la Terre, a non-profit French environmental association, has engaged in a project to create…

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  • Earth Charter Brochure General
    International Earth Charter Brochure

    A declaration of fundamental principles for building a just, sustainable, and peaceful global…

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  • EC-Assess Business
    International EC-Assess

    The Earth Charter Ethics-Based Assessment Tool provides: An Open-Source Tool for Evaluating…

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  • Enabling a Flourishing Earth United Nations & Global Governance
    International Enabling a Flourishing

    This article addresses a major problem in sustainable development that brings together the issues of a…

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  • Earth Charter Exhibition General
    International Earth Charter Exhibition

    In 2012, Earth Charter International created these panels to share the principles of the Earth Charter.

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  • GRI, Global Compact Business
    International GRI, Global Compact

    This publication attempts to provide a clear and practical assessment of the main similarities and…

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  • It Starts With One video General
    International It Starts With One

    SGI’s ESD Initiatives Promoting the Earth Charter

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  • Winning the Struggle Against Global Warming United Nations & Global Governance
    International global warming

    Opinion article by Brendan Mackey and Song Li

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  • Generating the Renewable Energy of Hope Spiritual & Religious
    International Generating renewable energy

    The Earth Charter Guide for religion and climate change.

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  • Education - Earth Charter in Delhi Schools with CLEAN-India One Earth, One Family Educators
    India EC in Delhi Schools

    One Earth, One Family. CLEAN-India is a programme created by Development Alternatives to bring…

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  • Education - Taking it to the Brink Educators
    Australia Taking it to the Brink

    The Story of the Brink Expedition

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  • Education - Learning to see the big picture with the Earth Charter Educators
    Australia The Big Picture With EC!

    The story of Wondai School in Australia.

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  • Business - ISO 2600 and the EC Business
    International ISO 2600 and the EC

    This article explore the synergies between the new ISO Standard 26000 Guidance for social…

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  • Spirituality and Religion - Exploring synergies Faith and ESD Spiritual & Religious
    International Exploring Synergies Faith

    This publication provides a space for the voices of different religions and faith traditions to be shared...

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  • Earth Charter and International Law publication United Nations & Global Governance
    International EC & International Law DB

    Find in this database the correlations between the Earth Charter and international laws with a special…

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  • Education - The Earth Charter and China’s National Guidelines for Environmental Education Educators
    China Environmental Education

    The development of China’s National Guidelines for Environmental Education for primary and middle…

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  • Local Communities - The City of Joondalup Local Communities
    Australia The city of Joondalup

    The city of Joondalup succeeded in applying the Earth Charter as part of the planning process for...

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  • Education - Australia’s Green Lane Diary initiative reinforces the Earth Charter Educators
    International Australia’s Green Lane

    This is the mantra of Green Cross Australia’s environmental education programme, the Green Lane Diary.

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  • General Public - Earth Charter TV spots General
    International Earth Charter TV spots

    Learn about the Earth Charter with these 1 minute TV spots

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  • Egyptian Youth and e-GLO 3 participant Youth
    Egypt Egyptian Rev

    Egyptian Youth and E-GLO alumna writes about Revolution. e-GLO 3 alumna Janna from Egypt relates…

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  • Students for the earth Youth
    United Arab Emirates Photo Contest

    EC Youth Group Students for the Earth organizes EC+15 photo contest A UAE Earth Charter Youth Group...

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  • philip osano Youth
    Kenya Shaping our future

    In the wake of the World Summit of Sustainable Development, in 2002, hundreds of young people from...

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  • Celebrating EC+15 with a climate change walk in Kenya Educators
    Kenya Climate Change Walk

    The Green Belt Movement celebrated the 15th anniversary of the Earth Charter.

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  • Steven-Rockefeller Spiritual & Religious
    International Encyclical Laudato

    Steven Rockefeller comments on the Encyclical Laudato Si’ and the Earth Charter.

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  • Sylvannus Murray, Sierra Leone-earth charter Youth
    Sierra Leone Earth Charter Youth Group

    Using the Earth Charter with ex-combatants in Sierra Leone.

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  • Global Governance - Rio+20 and Earth Charter United Nations & Global Governance
    Brazil Rio+20

    ECI Secretariat organized events and supported the actions of others from the EC Initiative.

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  • EC Workshop in Patzcuaro 2007 Artists
    Mexico Environmental Culture

    Cardiela Amézcua Luna provides workshop for the harmonious development of children.

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  • policeman-novelda-alicante-teachers Artists
    Spain Community & Nature

    University of Granada uses the Earth Charter to help students connect with nature.

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  • education-the-earth-charter-in-la-reforma-prison Educators
    Costa Rica La Reforma prison

    Short documentary on education with the Earth Charter in a Costa Rican prison.

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  • UMAPAZ1 Local Communities
    Brazil The Story of UMAPAZ

    UMAPAZ is the Open University for Environment and Culture of Peace, based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This...

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  • environmental-education-sustainability-tool Educators
    Portugal Education Reform

    ASPEA uses the Earth Charter for environmental education.

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