The EC Center for Education for Sustainable Development

The Earth Charter Center for ESD and the UNESCO Chair:

EC Center

The Center holds the UNESCO Chair on Education for Sustainable Development with the Earth Charter with the goal of implementing educational programmes and research activities in the field of education for sustainable development specifically on the intersection of sustainability, ethics and education. These programmes place special emphasis on the importance of the values and principles of sustainability in processes of learning and decision-making. They are offered in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

These Programmes are three to five days intensive courses, offered once a year or once every two years:

Education, Ethics and Values for Sustainability
Educación para la Sostenibilidad, Aprendizaje Transformador y la Carta de la Tierra
Sustainability, Leadership, and Decision Making: Learning from Failures and Successes
Innovaciones en Liderazgo: Sostenibilidad, Ética y Toma de Decisiones
Leadership in a changing world : Turning the vision for sustainability into a reality with a systemic view of life
International Law, Global Governance and the Earth Charter Principles
Internalización de principios y valores para la sustentabilidad

This is a six-month Programme where participants receive a Diploma Certificate from the University for Peace.
Offered in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

The Center offers customized education activities for companies, universities or schools, on the topics of sustainability and, ethics and governance for sustainability, including capacity building on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Fritjof CapraSam Crowell
Mark HathawayHerman Mulder
Mateo CastilloMaría Vilches
Rose Marie InojosaCristina Moreno
Daniella CarvalhoRosalyn Mckeown
Lorna DownRafael Luna
Klauss BosselmannAlicia Jiménez
Mirian Vilela

For me has been mind and heart changing. I’m thinking and feeling different, the values and the way we teach need to change, and with this we can change the world”.  Tatiana Martins- Brazil


The UNESCO Chair on Education for Sustainable Development

unesco-chair-logo-in-engThe UNESCO Chair on ESD and the Earth Charter addresses the overall goal of the Global Action Programme on ESD, which builds on the United Nations Decade on Education for Sustainable Development (UNDESD).  The overarching goal is to integrate the values inherent in sustainable development into all aspects of learning. In this sense, this UNESCO Chair contributes in the implementation of UNESCO Resolution Reference 32C/17, which, “recognizing the Earth Charter as an important ethical framework for sustainable development”, affirms member states’ intention to “utilize the Earth Charter as an educational instrument”.

Objectives of the Center and the UNESCO Chair are to:

  • Offer training programmes and workshops for various groups on global ethics and sustainability.
  • Offer hands-on training on tools for ethics-based evaluation processes based on the Earth Charter;
  • Undertake research and develop resource materials and training opportunities for educators and policymakers on education for sustainable development;
  • Collaborate with universities and other education and research centers in processes to incorporate values inherent in sustainable development into all aspects of learning;
  • Facilitate partnerships and knowledge sharing among stakeholders in education for sustainable development;
  • Collect and develop best practice narratives and case studies on ESD that highlight the use of the Earth Charter in educational settings.


What is Education for Sustainable Development?

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