Youth in Uganda take action!

Earth Charter Youth Group from Uganda, Students for Global Democracy – Uganda, has had a busy year so far! In the attached report you’ll find more comprehensive explanations of the below list of activities that the group has put in practice since February 2009.

Members of SGD Uganda Arriving with the Clothe and Soap Donations to the Refugee Community, August 2009

  • Civic Responsibility and Youth Engagement” Public Lecture, 26th February 2009
  • Official Launch of the Parliamentary Forum on Youth Affairs, 24th March 2009
  • Clothe and Soap Donations to the Refugee Community, August 2009
  • Uganda’s Electoral Law and Institutional Framework: Perspectives for 2011 Elections Workshop, 25th August 2009
  • Establishment of SGD Uganda Human Rights Clubs
  • Volunteering for “SEAL THE DEAL” – UN Climate Change Petition
  • Planet Call Declaration -Campaign
  • International Climate Change Day, 24th October 2009

Students for Global Democracy – Uganda gives a great example how to integrate the Earth Charter into their actions; how to bring it alive, how to embody it in their daily lives and how to share it with others!

Members of SGD Uganda after Volunteering

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