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The EC as part of the curriculum of a private school in Ecuador

On December 17th, 2010 personnel from Intiwasi Foundation, EC Affiliate, carried out an Earth Chrter workshop at the William Kilpatrick College in Tumbaco, Quito, Ecuador.  The event was addressed for teachers, and thanks to its excellent results, an agreement was reached to include de study, analysis of and reflection on the Earth Charter within the College’s curriculum, as well as in other extracurricular activities with students.

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Intiwasi Foundation raises awareness about the Earth Charter in Ecuador

Intiwasi Foundation, located at Baños de Agua Santa, Ecuador, is one of the Earth Charter promoters in this country and now a new ECI Affiliate. Some of the events they carried out during 2010 are the following:

In January they offered a presentation at the Center of Studies of Quito’s Chamber of Commerce to raise awareness about the Charter among friends and supporters of the Foundation. 

In March they made a presentation for businesses and NGOs at the Contemporary Art Museum – “The Bicentenary”, with aproximately 80 participants.  A workshop was also offered for the guides of the three museums in preparation for the Earth Charter exhibition that was set up. 

In April the Earth Charter Gigantographies exhibition was inaugurated at the Yaku and City Museums.


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Ecuador celebrated Earth Day with a great achievement

As part of Earth Day celebrations and taking into consideration the 10th anniversary since the launch of the Earth Charter, the people from Fundación Intiwasi invited María Pinar Merino, part of Fundación Valores in Spain, to deliver a conference/workshop on the Earth Charter for the guides of the three interactive museums of Quito Museums’ Foundation.  The event took place on April 25th where the EC video from Leonardo Boff was also shown.

Fundación Intiwasi reached an important agreement with this foundation to exhibit in the three museums these gigantic pictures of the Earth Charter principles.  This means approximately 300.000 people a year exposed to the Earth Charter. 

On April 26, María Pinar also gave a mini conference at the Church of the museum where all the personal from the Municipality of the Metropolitan District of Quito was invited.  We had the honor of counting with Dr. Jorge Alban, vice mayor of Quito, inaugurating this event.  Dr. Alban was the collaborator of Yolanda Kakabadse when the Earth Charter consultation process took place in Ecuador. 

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We stand at a critical moment in Earth's history, a time when humanity must choose its future.
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