¨Implícate+¨ Project and the Earth Charter translation in Aranese

The Earth Charter has been translated into Aranese thanks to Project Implícate+.
The translation was completed by the Director of the Center for Educational Resources of the Educational Service of the Val d’Aran, founder of the Implícate+ Project.

Aranese is the name given to the Spanish region of Valle de Arán (Lleida), the Occitan language spoken in this territory, with co-official status throughout Catalonia. It is a gascon variety of the Occitan language.

The text of the Earth Charter in Aranese can also be found through this link in digital reading format.

The Implícate+ Project is a project created altruistically by 43 active teachers from Lleida with two objectives: develop teaching materials to work on values, solidarity, and the Earth Charter in classrooms; and create a network of collaborative schools.

Below are documents that show more information on this Project:

• Specific goals, methodology and overview of this project.

• Teaching resources developed to work within classrooms, including games, and songs.

• Under the acacia Story: One of the materials