UK’s first Earth Charter schoo Educators
United Kingdom An Earth Charter School

The children learn that to make the world a better place starts with them.

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Prof_Moacir_Gadotti_2012-14 Educators
Brazil A pedagogy for every day

Essay on eco-pedagogy as the appropriate pedagogy to the Earth Charter process.

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Playing and Learning about Sustainability Educators
International Playing and Learning

Kids, online media, and the Little Earth Charter. A media education experience for children and…

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logo_ugr Educators
Spain Beyond Cognitive Learning

Facilitating a Reconnection between the Community and Nature. Experiences of the University of…

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the earth charter Educators
International La Carta de la Tierra

Una herramienta para guiar la educación ambiental y la acción en la comunidad de Seychelles…

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Charter Challenge for Youth, A European Educators
Europe Challenge for Youth

Creative Earth Charter Challenge for Youth, A European Experience with the Earth Charter and students…

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The Earth Charter Project in Schools Educators
Italy EC Project in Schools

The story of Centro Studi per la Pace Onlus, Italy.

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Promoting sustainable schools through the Earth Charter Educators
Venezuela sustainable schools

The Experience with Eco-schools in Venezuela

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Handbook Educators
International Handbook for teaching

Handbook for teaching sustainability values using the Earth Charter, Germany. The “Erd-Charta…

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borneo student Educators
Borneo Whole School Approach

A story from the Heart of Borneo Island

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