Armenians became involved with the Earth Charter Initiative in 1998 when the Association for Sustainable Human Development launched a series of public discussions on the first draft of the Earth Charter text. The Association formed a group to disseminate and discuss Earth Charter and related themes; they consistently work in the promotion of the principles and values of sustainable human development. An important accomplishment of their efforts was the Russian and Armenian translation of the Earth Charter and its Benchmark Draft II.

The Association have also created and disseminated a Children’s version of the Earth Charter in Armenian, English, and Russian. Since early 2000 several national and two big regional Earth Charter events have been organized, including Earth Charter art exhibitions, theatrical performances, and several Earth Charter poster contests. The members of the Association and its Chairperson, Prof. Karine Danielyan have made significant progress into the educational use of the Earth Charter: About 10 textbooks and guidelines for universities were produced. Members of the Armenian Parliament and governmental officials have been directly and indirectly using the Earth Charter as an ethical framework.

Prof. Karine Danielyan continuously promotes the Earth Charter in Armenia by facilitating many seminars, workshops and lectures. She established a 72-hour university course on sustainable development entirely based on the Earth Charter and wrote several textbooks on sustainable development, including chapters on the Earth Charter. Her students and graduates live and work in all parts of the country and are carrying the Earth Charter message and vision in their lives and professional efforts.

The Association for Sustainable Human Development (ASDH), ECI Affiliate, were very active in 2014, promoting ESD materials that they had developed in 2013 for Universities, making presentations on sustainable development and the post 2015 agenda, sustainable consumption and production, and education for sustainable development. These projects are carried out under the EU and UNDP’s GEF frameworks and pertain not only to Armenia but also to the region. The ASDH introduces the Earth Charter at all of these events. In 2014, the ASDH spoke about the Earth Charter to more than 500 people in the country and the region. Along with the publications, ASDH reaches many people with the Earth Charter message.

In 2006 an Earth Charter Youth Group was established in Armenia. In 2008 the Armenian National Council for Sustainable Development (ANSCD) was created with wide representation from all stakeholders of society: government, business, NGOs, academia, youth, and others. As an elected member of the ANSCD, Prof. Danielyan raises the awareness of its members about the Earth Charter Initiative, disseminates the Charter’s text and other publications on Sustainable Development written from the Earth Charter perspective.