Inspired by the vision and values of the Earth Charter, at the very beginning of the 2010, the “IRELI” Public Union, a civil society network in the Republic of Azerbaijan, became the first Affiliate in this country. Founded in December 2008 on the basis of the Countrywide Youth Movement, the IRELI Public Union is one of the most massive and active non-governmental organizations in Azerbaijan.

One of the main goals of IRELI is the development of a new sustainable lifestyle in Azerbajani citizens, teaching them to respect national spiritual values, religion, language, and history. IRELI believes that only spiritual and ethical criteria based on national values and rules will be able to guarantee the complete and comprehensive development of every member of the society. The organization wants to see responsible state officials, students, and property owners who are true to their values. As representatives of many young people of the contemporary Azerbaijan, IRELI believes in consistent educational efforts that ensure the informed and active participation of young people in building a just, peaceful and sustainable society.

The IRELI Public Union, co-organized an event on the Green Economy in early August 2013. The main objective of the ecological camp on the Green Economy was to raise awareness of environmental protection, the ecological benefits of applying non-waste and low-waste technologies, and study the role of youth in reducing harmful effects of economic development to the environment.

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