In 2000, the NGO Benin 21 started a process to disseminate and promote the Earth Charter among governmental agencies and officials, NGOs, research institutes and civil society in general. This process entailed the elaboration of a short version of the Charter in French, which was translated into five local languages (Fon, Adja, Idaatcha, Baatonou, and Dendi). In addition, several songs and poems about the principles of the Earth Charter were created in French and Fon, which were made available on tape and were widely distributed. In this dissemination process, Benin 21 encouraged NGOs and public and private organizations to adopt the Earth Charter in their work and personal lives. During the national presidential election that year, special efforts were made to promote the principles of Democracy, Non Violence, and Peace.

In recent years there have not been many Earth Charter activities in Benin.