canadaCanadians have been active in the Earth Charter Initiative since at October 1999 when representatives from Canada participated in the On-line Global Forum on the Earth Charter. Since then, there have been many projects and initiatives in Canada involving the Earth Charter. In 2,000, the Convergence Foundation of Canada joined the Earth Charter Initiative to facilitate the promotion of the document in Quebec. The Earth Charter background information and text were published in its April 2,000 newsletter, sent to over 5,000 individuals and groups in Canada and Europe. The convergence Foundation was also involved in the translation of the French Earth Charter document as well as related materials.

After the initial dissemination of the Earth Charter in Canada, many different activities through disparate groups have emerged including educational activities, policy-related initiatives, youth projects, and work involving First Nations

In Canada the Inclusive Leadership Gathering once again took place and in the 2014 summer edition more than 70 people participated. These gatherings heavily feature the Earth Charter. ECI also welcomed a new affiliate in Canada who immediately began helping the Earth Charter movement, specifically by designing the EC+15 logo.

Since early 2008, Dr. Mitra Doherty has been working on the dissemination of the Earth Charter through art and presentations at conferences. In 2015, she created the Mitra Doherty Scholarship Award to grant financial aid to participants coming to the Earth Charter Center for Education for Sustainable Development programmes.

The Little Earth Charter for Kids

The Little Earth Charter was created, for young kids, through collaboration between JC Little of Little Animation Inc. and Rosie Emery, a singer and songwriter and environmental educator. This is a remarkable animated video that captures the principles and momentum of the Charter in sights and sounds and the language of children. The video is available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan, and Dutch. To obtain a copy, contact and for more see:

In June 2002, Sierra Club Canada organized an event were the Earth Charter was featured “People and planet: Changing Values for a Sustainable Future – Canada”. This conference, organized by the Sierra Club of Canada and the Society for Conservation Biology, has as the main purpose to search for solutions to major environmental problems by examining their root causes.

In 2002 the Toronto & Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) began a process, after endorsing the Earth Charter, of comparing the Earth Charter principles with existing TRCA policies. It involved identifying, analyzing, interpreting and commenting on those Earth Charter principles most relevant to the work of TRCA.

In November 2001 the Conference “Multiple Currents: Expanding the Boundaries of Transformative Learning” took place and reaffirmed the commitment of many involved with the Transformative Learning Center at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education to use the Earth Charter. This effort offered a unique occasion to raise awareness and commitment to utilize the Earth Charter.