In 1999 in Toulouse, France, the Earth Charter Initiative inspired Josiane Troillet and Telia Djamila to create a support committee to work locally with the Earth Charter. Their first step was to do a study on the relationship between a “United and Responsible” world view and the principles of the Earth Charter. They organized a number of art workshops for children in the local schools. Later on they established the local French organization “Actions pour une Charte de la Terre”.

In 2003 and beyond, the Earth Charter continued to be utilized as a pedagogical instrument in the work of “Actions pour une Charte de la Terre” which involved schools in different regions of France. These learning workshops with primary school children were organized under the theme “I will do something for my planet”.

The Common Good Forum, a Paris-based NGO, and ECI began to collaborate in 2014. The organization’s publication, Bridge-Builder Magazine published an article written by ECI Staff. Also, former French National Cycling Champion Aurelien Passeron began a campaign to create an ethical cycling team based on the Earth Charter principles. His intention is to name the team after the Earth Charter and use his sport to promote the Earth Charter sustainability vision. Watch a video here.

In 2014, long-time Earth Charter educator Josianne Troillet, used the Earth Charter to create different learning units for three high schools where she works in Toulouse. These units were based on the four pillars of the Earth Charter and she provides examples of leaders in each of the fields related to specific pillars of the Earth Charter. She used a unit called “Wangari Maathai” to highlight the Earth Charter pillar on democracy, nonviolence, and peace. She also used the Earth Charter in discussion on law in combination with Jacques Chirac’s Charter for the Environment.