In 2007 the Institute for Sustainable Education at the Daugavpils State University, led by the UNESCO focal point for UN DESD Dr. Ilga Salite, officially became an Earth Charter International Affiliate and included the Earth Charter in its pedagogical curriculum for teachers’ education and life-long professional training. The Institute is famous for being an initiator and organizer of the European Network of Educators for Sustainable Development, the Balkan and Black Sea Circle Consortium (BBCC). The Earth Charter Center for Education for Sustainable Development has also become a member of the BBCC, and is cooperating with the network in the educational research and development of new methodologies based on an ethical framework of the Earth Charter. The successful educational experience of the Institute was included in the joint UNESCO-ECI publication within the UN DESD framework, “Good Practices Using the Earth Charter”.

In order to further promote the use of the Earth Charter at the Daugavpils State University the Institute established an Earth Charter Center there, which makes it an Earth Charter hub in the region of Eastern Europe.

There was one Earth Charter Youth Group in Latvia, called ECYG Students for Sustainability.