Earth Charter School Seal Verifiers

The Earth Charter & ESD School Seal verifiers have been trained in the pedagogy associated with the Earth Charter through the Online Certificate on Education for Sustainable Development.

Schools interested in receiving the EC ESD Seal must seek the support of one of the verifiers presented in this list, so that person can verify the evidence to obtain the seal, designate the level achieved and offer suggestions and guidance for the school’s improvement.

Jule Kemper

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Country: Germany

Position: Learning Design Intern at Forever Day One

I am passionate about transforming our approach to education towards a more value-based, sustainability oriented and student-centred one. With my work I want to empower youths and kids to actively create and design their environments and their future, to stand up for their beliefs and their right for future where the planetary ecosystems are intact. To me, education is a key tool to achieve a more just and sustainable world where humans and nature can live in peace with each other. The Earth Charter School Seal is a great way to introduce sustainable practices and raise awareness in schools on how they can contribute to a desirable future and which role they can play in it.

Mukirae Nijhia

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Country: Kenya

Position: Chairman and lecturer of the Department of Educational Management, Policy & Curriculum Studies, School of Education, Kenyatta University

He holds a PhD degree in Educational Planning & Policy from Kenyatta University, an Advanced Certificate in Education Sector Planning from IIEP/UNESCO and a Certificate in Education for Sustainable Development from the Earth Charter Institute. He teaches educational planning/policy, educational monitoring & evaluation, and Education for Sustainable Development. His research interests are in education financing, education decentralization, ICTs in Education, Teacher Education, and Education for Sustainable Development. Njihia has served as a principal investigator in a UNESCO/IIEP national study on financing of primary education in Kenya. He also served as a principal investigator in a national UNESCO/ Department of Adult Education evaluation of literacy programmes in Kenya.

Silvia Ferrero

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Working language: English and Italian

EC Certified Educator for SD, EC School Seal Verifier and UK Focal point. Anthropologist, Managing Director Silvia Latham Consultancy, Coaching and Mentoring on Eco-development.

I have a PhD in Social Anthropology and I am an Earth Charter Certified Educator for SD and School Seal verifier. In 2023, I co-facilitated courses 3 and 4 in the EC Online Certificate on ESD. In 2022, I was guest speaker at the course Product Design Engineering at the Engineering faculty at Canterbury Christ Church University, Kent, UK. Since then, I introduce Sustainability and the Earth Charter in the course. As a motivational coach, I work with private and corporate clients, secondary and university students. I am committed to using The Earth Charter principles and values as a foundation for my professional consultancy to enhance eco-development and encourage personal growth also through the endorsement of the values expressed in the Earth Charter. As an anthropologist, I also worked on a three-year EU funded comparative project on schooling and ICT with five European institutions under the Socrates-Minerva Program.

Sanne van Oort

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After working as a senior lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences The Hague and as a Research Fellow at the Amsterdam Creative Industries Centre of Expertise in the Netherlands, Sanne Van Oort’s focus on Education for Sustainability led her to become Director of Learning and Teacher and later on Teacher Development and Well-Being Manager at Green School Bali. Her passion is to focus on the way we can design education to create a shift in culture towards pro-environmental behavior. She is the Founder of ‘Mother Jungle’ in Indonesia, which empowers Indigenous mothers to preserve knowledge and storytelling traditions for cultural and environmental conservation. She is a Permaculturist, a facilitator of ‘Inner Landscaping Programs’, Forest School Educator, qualified as official Earth Charter Educator and certified for Design for Sustainability from Gaia Education. Her journey brought her to Hanoi, Vietnam to continue the work on Education for Sustainability as the Head of ESL and Green Education at the first Green School in Hanoi called Genesis School. She is now back in The Netherlands where she works as a Lecturer for International Business focusing on the role of business in improving the planet by next generation professionals combining entrepreneurial competitiveness and social impact. Next to that she works as a researcher for the Sustainability International Business Research Center.

Valerie Ellis

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Valerie “Terry” is the President and concurrent Treasurer of CEIN. Terry is also the Program Chair for International Peace Education. She began her career as a journalist and then for 20 years worked as Montessori guide with students in preprimary through middle school. Terry earned her undergraduate degree at the University of Maryland, College Park, and currently is working virtually on her master’s degree in Value Creating Education for Global Citizenship at DePaul University in Chicago. She lives in South Florida, U.S.

Filipa Leandro

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I have a Masters degree in Human Ecology since 2001. It was during my adolescence that I became aware of “our” place in life on earth, which became increasingly clear as knowledge and fact checking advanced. I have always felt the need to pass on values, knowledge, and my passion for ecological integrity, respect for the community of life, and social justice. My presence in both social and family life as well as in my professional life is always accompanied by my ecology wisdom, so becoming a SEAL verifier is of great pleasure to me because I see evolution, hope and a great opportunity for real progress towards a world with a different worldview that gives us hope!