Presentation of the novel: ¨Después de leerla, rómpela¨ (After Reading it, break it)

Antonio Tomás Cortés Rodríguez, vice-president of Fundación Valores, Earth Charter Affiliate
from Spain, has published the novel: “Después de leerla, rómpela. Tras los pasos de la felicidad” (After Reading it, break it. Chasing happiness).

In this modern novel, the protagonists embark on an unusual journey in search of knowledge, first on the outside and then on the inside. The action takes place in Cáceres in 2008. In the novel there are explicit references to the Earth Charter (on page 110 and on the cover flap of the book).
A brief synopsis of the novel:
“The life of young Diego Vicario went along without incentives, hampered by the lack of family cohesion, and his routine work as a postman. The misfortunes that had endured since childhood had become a mere observer of his own restlessness, and this ended up becoming his most faithful companion. He longed to find happiness, but his solitary character did not help either break his limitations or accommodate the most timid hope of discovering the meaning of his existence. But an accidental discovery in the Public Library of Cáceres would turn March 24th, 2008 into the date in which he would light the zigzagging wick of “casualties” that would end up transforming his view of reality. If this book has reached your hands, there may be strong reasons for it; it may, through it, also give your life a push. And hopefully, when you regain balance after reading, a feeling of having discovered where your happiness lies will invade you”.

About the author:
Born in Cáceres on June 13th, 1967, from a young age, his literary hobby led him to collaborate regularly in school publications and occasionally on the newspaper. In 1989, he won first prize in the II Fantastic Storytellers Contest, awarded by the Department of Youth of the City of Cáceres. In 1990, following completion of his Law degree, the Caja de Extremadura awarded him the “Diego María Crehuet” Award. The book of poems ¨Delusions and shadows¨ allowed him to achieve the first prize in the XIX Contest “Ruta de la Plata” (Cáceres, 1996). In the years following, he has combined his work as counsel in the Extremadura board with his continued exploration of life, in an endless search for answers and new questions about human happiness. His personal interests and his ethical commitment to achieving a better world led him to deliver lectures and courses on sustainable development, education on values and personal development, as well as being linked to the Values Foundation and endorsing the Earth Charter. His literary passion has been growing in depth, without haste, nourished by rich experiences that have borne fruit in 2015 with his first novel, ¨Después de leerla, rómpela. Tras los pasos de la felicidad (After reading it, break it, subtitled chasing happiness).

To follow the author´s personal blog: https://despuesdeleerlarompela.wordpress.com/

To purchase this novel you can do so through this link (Available only in Spanish).