Youth Network

The Earth Charter Youth Network is a diverse, interactive, global network of infogr youthyoung people from over 100 countries around the world creating a more peaceful, just, and sustainable world. These young leaders use the Earth Charter as the ethical foundation for their work and lives, and as the vision for achieving the future we want.

Many young leaders find creative ways to teach, practice, and implement the Earth Charter in their local communities and some collaborate on international and inter-generational projects to develop creative, holistic solutions to the complex problems facing our shared Earth Community. If you are a young person who believes in the principles and values of the Earth Charter, join the movement to transform the world.

The EC Youth Network thrives on the enthusiasm and commitment of both individuals and organizations. As an individual, you can:

The video below was created by University for Peace students and Earth Charter volunteers to explain what the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are and how the Earth Charter principles can be used towards reaching the SDGs.

Looking for inspiration? Read the stories of other youth in the network to find out what they´ve been doing to move toward the vision of the Earth Charter in their parts of the world. Reach out to the Youth Projects Coordinator at to ask about any of the above actions.

Earth Charter International collaborates with key youth organizations that actively promote the Earth Charter in their vision, values, and work. ECI counts on valuable partnerships with the following organizations to amplify shared efforts to engage and support youth in building a better world:

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If you work with an international youth network or organization that engages and empowers youth in the areas of peace, justice, and sustainability, consider partnering with ECI.