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Earth Charter Local Endorsement Kit Activities Guidebook

So you’ve endorsed the Earth Charter…now what?  The answer to that may be found in this easy to use local endorsement kit and activities guidebook. This toolkit/guidebook was created for Earth Charter supporters who want to engage in local actions that not only help share the Earth Charter and build the ever growing community of endorsers, but to also engage in meaningful community actions that bring people together to learn about sustainable living and what that means

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On care for our common home: A dialogue guide for Laudato Si’

The Jesuit Forum for Social Faith and Justice encourages people to discuss – to talk to one another about things that matter. In this publication, On care for our common home – A dialogue guide for Laudato Si’, the Forum facilitates a thorough study of the recent encyclical of Pope Francis, Laudato Si’, On care for our common home.

This document is available in English and French.

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Menschen und Stadt im Wandel

The Ecumenical One World Initiative (OEWI), the Earth Charter Affiliate in Germany, has released a new publication in German highlighting the different initiatives related to the Earth Charter in the region around Marburg. The publication showcases different groups and people who work for a sustainable, peaceful, and just global coexistence aligned with the values of the Earth Charter. They portray their initiatives, talk about their work, visions, and ideas. The publication is titled “People and City in Transition”. These and many other people introduce themselves on the Internet portal and also publish their educational programs and activities. Lesen Sie in dieser Erd-Charta Publikation beispielhaft von Gruppen und Menschen, die in Marburg und Umgebung im Sinne der Erd-Charta für ein zukunftsfähiges, friedvolles und gerechtes globales Zusammenleben tätig sind. Sie portraitieren ihre Initiativen, erzählen von ihrer Arbeit, ihren Visionen und ihren Ideen. Diese und viele weitere Akteure stellen sich auch auf dem Internetportal vor und veröffentlichen dort ihre Bildungsangebote und Aktivitäten. Die Erd-Charta stellt als positive Vision und ganzheitliches, ethisches Bezugsdokument der „Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung“ (BNE) den internationalen Rahmen für die hier vorgestellten regionalen BNE-Aktivitäten. Schauen Sie selbst.

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The Systems View of Life: A Science for Sustainable Living – Speech by Fritjof Capra at the Earth Charter Center March 20, 2015

This is a speech given by Dr. Fritjof Capra at the Earth Charter plus 15 Forum: Finding Synergies and Building Bridges Reorienting Education towards Sustainable Development, Sustainable Consumption and Global Citizenship Under the framework of the UNESCO Chair on Education for Sustainable Development and the Earth Charter.

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Enseigner et comprendre le Developpement Durable

Cet ouvrage sur l’Education au Développement Durable réalisé autour de la Charte de la Terre, constitue un outil pédagogique permettant de connaitre les différents concepts propres au D.D, comprendre le rapport Brundtland, comprendre la Charte de la Terre, comprendre la biodiversité et s’apercevoir de l’indéfectible interdépendance entre l’individu et l’environnement.

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