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Translations of the SDGs into Mother Languages of the State of Chiapas

Under the framework of International Mother Language Day, we share the translation of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals to 4 mother languages of Chiapas, Mexico. The translation was carried out by the Intercultural University of Chiapas, edited by the Colegio de Bachilleres de Chiapas, and the images and supervision of the project were carried out by the Earth Charter Focal Point of Chiapas and Kybernus A.C.

Translations available in the languages: Tsotsil, Tseltal, Chol, and Zoque.

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A Mapting How-to-Use-Guide

This guide walks you through the Mapting app step by step. Learn how to Snap and Map your sustainable actions while discovering the Sustainable Development Goals and how they relate to the Earth Charter Principles. To download Mapting go to:

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The Global Pact for the Environment and the Earth Charter

The article: “The Global Pact for the Environment as a Next Step on the Way Forward for the Earth Charter”assesses the possible contribution of the Global Pact for the Environment that is being promoted as a new legally binding instrument into the process of further implementation of the principles of the Earth Charter as an ethical foundation of the global community.

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