Welcome to the Earth Charter Initiative!

Become a part of a global movement to achieve peace, justice, and sustainability!

Endorsement is open to anyone and any institution. Individuals or organizations that endorse the Earth Charter signify their commitment to the spirit and aims of the document and that they intend to use it. When you endorse the Earth Charter you intend to work for and support the Earth Charter’s implementation, values and principles, and that you are ready and willing to work with others towards the same goal.

Also, find here a list of selected endorsers and some of the endorsement statements from these organizations.

Endorsers are expected to:

  • Actively promote the Earth Charter and follow the Action Guidelines.
  • Contribute to the Earth Charter Initiative and to Earth Charter-inspired action projects.
  • Implement the Earth Charter in your professional work and personal life.

Endorsement of the Earth Charter indicates that you agree with the Endorsement Statement:

“We, the undersigned, endorse the Earth Charter. We embrace the spirit and aims of the document. We pledge to join the global partnership for a just, sustainable, and peaceful world and to work for the realization of the values and principles of the Earth Charter.”

Earth Charter International attempts to verify endorsements. By endorsing the Earth Charter, you agree that we may publicly identify you as an Earth Charter Endorser.