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EC Principles Support The Converging World – UK/India

The principles of the Earth Charter are being applied by a new organization called The Converging World, which has launched innovative projects to build wind turbines in Southern India with finances from UK companies and individuals. The Converging World promotes integrated social change and development in Tamil Nadu, and helps people and businesses in the UK and elsewhere to reduce their own personal carbon emissions.


A simple description of The Converging World is that it raises money from individuals and businesses concerned about climate change, environmental damage and social inequality; it uses this money to link communities locally and across the world; and through partnerships it will take action to reduce emissions, the damage, and inequality.


The idea for The Converging World originated in Go Zero — a community-based project in the parish and surrounds of Chew Magna, a small village south of Bristol in the UK.  The name Go Zero stems from the desire of the residents to “move toward a zero waste society.”


A major source of money will come from investing in renewable energy schemes that generate income and save greenhouse gas emissions, and the investment money will come from allocating these saved tonnes of CO2 to individuals and businesses in return for donations and pledges to reduce consumption.


The Converging World has already launched its Energy Tree Project, through which it is planting wind turbines in Tamil Nadu.  Each machine, each “energy tree,” from the day it starts turning is substituting for the electricity that would otherwise be created by burning coal — India’s electric power currently comes 80% from coal. Each turbine will save at least 12,000 tonnes of C02 equivalent over its lifetime. The funds, and eventually the income from selling electricity, will provide money for more turbines, for educational grants and for community linking.


Soon The Converging World will look for similar opportunities in other parts of the world. These projects will be locally controlled and will directly link communities across the world.


The project says “Convergence is a process — it is a series of many small steps over a long period. These steps are often most effective when you are part of a community that is working together to achieve change and doing more than any individual can do by themselves.”


Please find out more by visiting:  http://www.theconvergingworld.org/

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The Value of Values Seminar 2006: Podcasts, Report and DVD

In March 2006, Earth Charter International sponsored a special leadership seminar in London the topic of “The Value of Values: Global Ethics and the Future of Sustainable Development.”


ECI has a complete multi-media package documenting this ground-breaking seminar, which featured internationally renowned speakers as John Elkington, Alexander Likhotal, Ruud Lubbers, Herman Mulder, Jane Nelson, and Princess Basma Bint Talal.


You can listen to free podcasts (click here for MP3 audio files) of the event, and you can also order a 2-DVD record of the entire seminar (click “Continue reading” for more info). And you can download a report about the event, with quotes and excerpts, free of charge; just click here to download the file. Let us know what you think!


To order the two-disc DVD of “The Value of Values” (USD 39, or Euros 30, plus shipping), please send an email to orders [at] earthcharter.org. Give us your name, institution if applicable, and a shipping address. We will either send you an invoice with information on how to pay for the DVD via electronic fund transfer. Thank you!

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