The new "Values based Indicators" are ready to be tested

we value.org is a website that allows any interested organization to test the indicators developed by the ESDinds project.  ECI Secretariat is one of the ESDinds partners and have been fully participating in the development of these indicators, which are 170 Values-based Indicators in total developed as the basis for the measurement of values within organizations around the world.  

Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) as well as faith-based organisations and businesses worldwide are often conscious of the importance of their values-based work, but this is usually seen as a non-measurable intangible asset. Until now, values have been largely overlooked in conventional project monitoring and evaluation activities, which tend to focus on concrete outputs and outcomes rather than the ‘human results’ of the work.

The We Value platform and community stems from the ESDinds project, based on the concept that values can be usefully measured, when locally defined through relevant indicators, and that this information can help CSOs and business organisations in their efforts to develop successful and sustainable programs and business models.

“We believe that improved understanding in how we see and value ourselves and the world around us is essential to creating a sustainable, just and responsible society” said Professor Marie Harder, Sustainable Development Coordination Unit (SDeCU) at the University of Brighton, UK and academic lead.  “The We Value platform has been created to help us, as civil society organisations, businesses and faith communities, to explore and share what `We Value’ through values-based indicators which are adaptable.”

We Value membership is open and free
. Those interested are encouraged to visit the ‘Participate’ page, to join in and start creating a Profile with brief details about you and your organisation, company or community.

Find here the Press Release of WeValue.org