1% Club 24 Hour Action

December 15-16th marked 1% Club’s annual 24 HOUR ACTION event where registered partners are invited to promote one of their projects on 1% Club’s 24-hour Livestream. Once again Earth Charter International participated and chose to promote one of their projects from Costa Rica, ‘Play for a Change’ The facilitator of this project, Laura Montero was interviewed live and asked to talk about her project, ‘Play for a Change’ which targets young Costa Rican men and women between the ages of 13-17 years old to participate in learning drama arts using the Earth Charter and its principles as an educational tool to prevent them from relapsing into drug abuse. ‘Play for a Change’ only needs another 534 Euros to meet its target!

To view the ‘Play for a Change’ video, click here.

To view the 24 HOUR ACTION Livestream, click here.

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