16 paintings inspired by the Earth Charter will be presented in Mexico

The art exhibition entitled “Llanto Verde” (Green Crying) will be exhibited at the Tabasco Planetary 2000 located in the city of Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico for 30 days, from 4 April 2008 onwards. The paintings, employing a wide range of media and styles, are based on the 16 principles of the Earth Charter. It took the artist, Architect Lorena Priego Fonseca, a year to finish the art work, thanks to the support of the Federal Government and the State of Tabasco.



Nowadays, making the link between culture and care for the environment is a difficult task. This is why PROEMAC (Professionals Specialists on Environment) in Mexico is involved in the promotion of this event.


It is also important to mention that despite the fact that the origin of the “Llanto Verde” project was in Tabasco, this is meant to be a traveling exhibition and will be presented in different parts and cities of Mexico and Latin America, some of which have already requested it.