2 new youth groups!

ECI is happy to welcome two new Youth Groups to the team: WeYouth from Tunisia and Green Hope from the United Arab Emirates.


WeYouth joined the Youth Group in January 2014. This group is from Sfax in Tunisia and is focusing on empowering the Youth sector’s participation in different social sectors. They want to mobilize the youth population to actively participate in personal and social development, strengthen the civil society movement through active participation in social issues, transform the country’s socio-cultural situation, and uplift the economic conditions with the long term aim of improving the youth situation. With 50 active members they already participated in the Youth Town Meeting 2013, WorldLink, University of San Diego January 2013 and presented WeYouth to cross-cultural youth. They are working on Let me choose “Project : Act as a focal Point in Sfax , to help, guide, coach high school students in order to have the best academic orientation, beside other projects. For the future they will put emphasis on education “Educate is to innovate”.

Green Hope:

Green Hope becaome and EC Youth Group in March 2014.This group is from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and is focusing on providing youth with a networking platform through which they work on addressing the three pillars of sustainability – social, economic and environment, thereby contributing towards The Future We Want. Their main goal is to spread awareness about sustainability among all sections of civil society through ground-level community projects. They believe in education for sustainable development. They are working on stopping land degradation, biodiversity conservation, sustainable consumption and production, social empowerment, and future justice. With over 500 members they are very active in their community and in different parts of the world depending on their partners.