3rd Youth Leadership Sustainability and Ethics Course

For the third year in a row, Earth Charter International, in partnership with Youth Action for Change, is offering a free online course titled Youth Leadership, Sustainability and Ethics. This course will start on Tuesday, October 2, 2012 and will last for a period of 5 weeks. Earth Charter International and Youth Action for Change received over 350 applications and accepted 47 highly talented individuals, representing 30 different countries from around the world. The course will educate these youth leaders about leadership, sustainability and ethics using innovative teaching methods. Peer discussions, interactive materials and group project work will serve as the core engine of the course.

Course Description:
This short course aims to support the participants to realize their roles as leaders for a more sustainable future through Earth Charter’s interactive virtual platform, which is meant to provide a space for participants to learn what common, global values are. By the end of the course, the hope is that the participants become aware of and understand the principles for sustainability, as well as learn how they can be change agents in their communities on an individual and organizational level. Another aim is the drive for positive change in the participants’ everyday lives and to create a sense of global responsibility. The ultimate goal is to further develop the capabilities necessary to conduct Earth Charter inspired action projects in the participants’ own communities and link the participants with the wider youth community working for a more sustainable future; thereby exhibiting that the learning was not only engaging and participatory, but also transformative.