A branch of the University of Sao Paulo endorse the Earth Charter

Many organizations around the world concerned with fostering a more ethical, equitable, and sustainable society are realizing that the Earth Charter can be used as a guide and reference for ethical decision making and an important and powerful tool for the transformation of people and organizations.

On September 23rd in Sao Paulo, Brazil, at an event convened by the Faculty of Economy, Administration and Accounting of the University of São Paulo (FEA), the Earth Charter vision of ethics and sustainability was embraced by three organizations to guide their day-to-day operations. FEA, the Management Institute for Civil Society Entities (IGESC), and the Academic Center Viscount of Cairo (CAVC) signed a formal endorsement of the Earth Charter. These institutions committed to working with the Earth Charter and to its dissemination. The event included the participation of Oscar Motomura, Co-chair of Earth Charter International, Professor Reinaldo Guerreiro of FEA, Alvino Silva of IGESC, João Abreu of CAVC, and Cristina Moreno on behalf of the Earth Charter Initiative and IGESC.

The event, which was attended by professors, students, and guests aimed to disseminate the message of the Earth Charter and its principles to the entire academic community. According to Professor Reinaldo Guerreiro, the director general of the FEA, inserting the Earth Charter at the country’s most important faculty of business and economy is an efficient way to get the message of ethics and sustainability through its educational processes, professional alumni network, and to an ever-growing number of organizations in Brazil.

Hopefully, actions like this can serve as an example for organizations from all sectors of society to also embrace the idea of ??????building and disseminating a vision of ethics and sustainability based on the principles of the Earth Charter.