A new book featuring the Earth Charter is now available

Earthrise: The Dawning of a New Civilization in the 21st Century, highlights 30 leading-edge civil society organizations and networks that are internationally active and innovative in fields such as politics and diplomacy, ecology and education, economics and business, science and media, as well as youth and spirituality. The articles contributed by these organizations describe their respective visions, activities, best practices, and their specific contribution toward the creation of a new civilization.


This empowering book offers a glimpse of the exciting and enlightening future that is possible. It is indeed the objective of the Earthrise book to inform and inspire, but also to empower and motivate all people and institutions working toward the creation of a New Civilization.


The best way to get copies is to order the book in bookstores by indicating the ISBN number (if you have it), at amazon.com (very soon) or by sending an e-mail to the publisher at  [email protected]

Prize: USD 24 per copy