Heba Abdul Karim Jarrar

Founder of I PLANT an Online Business which aims to spread knowledge on sustainable agriculture in UAE and to encourage people to plant everywhere in order to achieve food sufficiency. Through her work, she is focused on promoting urban farming as a key solution for most of socio-economic and environmental challenges. She offers Customized Planting Course to help people have the knowledge needed to grow plants and have gardens in their homes. Her Specialized Agricultural Courses, involve Indoor planting, Hydroponic, Municipal Waste Composting principles. She has a Monthly show on Al Arabia TV about Planting as part of Sabah Alarabia where she shares knowledge about plants, especially on how to cultivate plants in indoors, gardens and balconies, and on how to prepare Microgreens among other themes. She has been involved in research project on Water and Environment and in 2D and 3D Landscaping design projects. Heba Jarrar has a master’s degree in Land and Water Resources Management, Irrigation Department and a B.SC. Degree in Land, Water, and Environment/ Agriculture. She is an alumnus of the Earth Charter Leadership, Sustainability and Ethics online course.