Activties of Earth Charter Taiwan, Province of China

Earth Charter Taiwan, Province of China continues to be very active in offering training programs for high school students, in the form of Conferences and support for project implementation.  

One of EC Taiwan, Province of China’s focuses is to train students to participate in Caretakers for the Environment International (CEI) Conferences. This project started since 2010, when Nancy Tzu Mei, from ECT, met Fatima Almeida, who is also an ECI Affiliate and is on the board of CEI.  Fatima invited Nancy and ECT to use CEI as motivation for students to get involved in sustainability actions.  

In 2012 ECT offered training to students from Ping-Pei Senior High School in preparation for CEI Conference.  This high school started the “Special Indigenous Program” after typhoon Morakot had destroyed numerous indigenous villages in August 2009. 

To select and train the candidates for CEI 2012, held in Maastricht, Netherlands; the school and Earth Charter Taiwan, Province of China organized two workshops – ‘Introduction of Environmental Education’ and ‘ Gunter Fables and Blue Economy’; and also hosted the conference – ‘Food and Agriculture in Environmental Education’ on Earth Day.
Under the guidance of senior indigenous teachers, 44 students conducted their individual research that focus on special food from their own tribe that could be harvested from the land or collected from the forest and the ocean. At the end, five students were selected to participate in CEI 2012, under the theme: ‘Securing Food for the Future by Learning from Indigenous Wisdom’.