African Youth Leadership, Sustainability and Ethics Short Course

Earth Charter International, in partnership with the Organization of African Youth just successfully completed the five week short course entitled African Youth Leadership, Sustainability and Ethics.
The aim of this short course was to support the participants in realizing their role as leaders for a more sustainable future and to make them more aware of the principles for sustainability, as well as to get them to comprehend how these principles can be applied at an individual and organizational level. This course also drove for positive change in participants’ everyday lives and tried to create a sense of global responsibility. An emphasis however was placed on the African context as well as Rio+20 and how African youth can play more of a role and become more engaged as we near the UNCSD in June, 2012.We had a total of 14 graduates representing more than 7 different African nations such as: Kenya, Egypt, Cameroon, Nigeria, Tunisia, the Gambia and Morocco! We also had some excellent guest speakers who talked about their successful sustainability projects and organizations. The guest speakers included: Emmanuel Mutamba from Green Living Movement Zambia  , Earth Charter Youth Task Force member, Ebrima Dem from the Gambia, who also works at Global Unification, Gambia, presented his successful Women´s Initiative Education and Economic Empowerment (WIFE) project which he raised funding through one of our partners, 1% Club, Jean Paul Brice Affana Affana from Cameroon who talked about his NGO he co-founded in Cameroon called Vital Actions for Development .

To listen to our guest speakers’ excellent presentations as well as our participants’ project plans, please visit our wikispace page. Here, you can also find the recorded links from all five sessions.