AmbienteCinemaUomo in Italy commits to put the Earth Charter into action

The Earth Charter Initiative is pleased to announce that AmbienteCinemaUomo in Parma, Italy endorsed the Earth Charter.   Furthermore they committed to put the Earth Charter principles of sustainability into action by:

  • creating  a cinema festival to diffuse the culture of sustainability and dialogue among adults and students,
  • inaugurating their 2011 edition with the free screening of the movie HOME and celebrating a special event on the Earth Charter last February, 
  • reducing their ecological footprint of their activities through the use of web technologies for engagement and communication and through carbon neutralization of their operations,
  • being accountable for the impacts of their initiative in terms of sustainability.

They also have opened a free-access nine-week online forum called Sustainability as a Film? With the purpose of developing dialogue through the Web, starting from the contents of a film in order to foster a culture of sustainability and dialogue through cinema.  They invited all those who decide to be part of the solution and not just the problem: business and government leaders, teachers, students and concerned citizens.  More information on this here.