An EC+10 celebration in Pennsylvania, USA

It has been five years since Philadelphians got together to be inspired by the
amazing Earth Charter.

??? The accumulated wisdom of the most ethical, spiritual thinking on the planet
??? Details on the rules of nature and living by the golden rule
??? Inclusive embrace of all life, all humanity, gender equity, children, animals
??? States that peace and universal quality of life are interdependent
??? It speaks our dream of how the world could be
???It inspires awakened people to action

Come now, to the party where Philadelphia celebrates 10 years of the Earth Charter in Action around the globe.

Wine and food. Networking. Live music by Stephen Wise.  Films.  $15 donation. Students: $5
I would personally be pleased if you made the time to honor the Earth Charter for 3 hours on November 7 from 2:00 to 5:00 and joined us at the University of Pennsylvania, Hall of Flags, 3417 Spruce St, Philadelphia PA 19104.
Of course, bring along or send others who share our yearning for a sane world. 
If you cannot come,  browsing www.earthcharter.org is a worthy alternative. 

Kindly, RSVP.  We’ll announce four local initiatives for “Earth Chartering Beyond 2010”.

Grateful to know you.  Susan Curry, 215-591-1551

Come and enjoy life music, videos, dialogues and speakers on the theme
Earth Charter Beyond 2010.

More information here or at phone given in the poster.