#AnatomyofAction Challenge: Join the Global Movement to Simply Live Better

In order to tackle climate change and build a more sustainable and just future, our lifestyles (what we eat, how we move around, where we live, what we do for fun, how we spend our money etc.) need to change profoundly! Considering the impact of our lifestyles on climate, nature, and pollution, it is clear that we need to #SimplyLiveBetter, and there are everyday actions we can all take that are as simple as they are powerful. For example, we can do this by changing the proteins we eat, understanding where our food comes from, maximizing local experience over miles, and buying better clothes and gadgets that last longer – it’s about turning conscience into action!

With this in mind, Earth Charter International is joining the UN Environment Programme’s Sustainable Lifestyles and Education team for their Anatomy of Action social media challenge. Together, we will share 15 actions, during 15 days, as a way to bring together people willing to act on their daily lifestyles and to share their common efforts with their networks through their personal content. Each of these actions are deeply connected with the Earth Charter principles, and we hope you will be part of this global movement with us!

Activate change during the challenge : 

  • Pick an action from the AoA (or several!)
  • Post the action on social showing what you are doing to activate it
  • Tag 3 friends to challenge them to take action too!

Date of the challenge: March 19 – April 02, 2021

Eligibility: Open to anyone

Hosted by: UNEP’s Sustainable Lifestyles and Education team

Co-hosted by: Earth Charter International (ECI)

Sign up to be part of the challenge today: Anatomy of Action challenge (google.com)