Annual CEUNA School Festival with the Earth Charter

CEUNA is an educational center of primary and secondary edcuation in Costa Rica that organized its 14th Eco-Scientific-Cultural Festival under the theme of “The Earth Charter and CEUNA: Making a sustainable world possible”. The Festival took place from August 4th to August 9th, 2014.

Since the 1990s, CEUNA has known about the Earth Charter. Founding members and faculty participated in the consultation process for the drafting of this document, and ever since they have used the Earth Charter as an ethical guide for their teachers and students.

One important event of this educational center is the Eco-Scientific-Cultural Festival, in which a theme is selected and each class (primary and secondary) show the results of their thematic projects. In 2014, the theme was: “The Earth Charter”. Each teacher, along with the students, develops a project that explores a specific Earth Charter principle. The objective is to strengthen team work, develop skills, talent, and knowledge that will help them internalize the principles of the Earth Charter.

In order to prepare for the Festival, all teachers from the CEUNA center visited the Earth Charter Center for Education for Sustainable Development, where they received a lecture and there was also a discussion on the principles of the Earth Charter.

In this link you can find the details of the Festival´s programme, including all themes and types of projects developed, along with two poems, one written by a student on the experience of being part of this school, and one written by the school´s Principal, which describes the history between the Earth Charter and CEUNA. This poem was named “Encounter between two Initiatives”.