Appreciation to new ECI secretariat intern, Riikka!

Riikka Immonen is interning full-time with the Earth Charter International secretariat and we are very thankful to have her working with us. Riikka is doing her master’s degree in sociology at the University of Lapland, in Finland, and this 5-month-long internship is a part of her studies. 

Riikka has previously studied Hispanic Studies at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland; she has also lived in Mexico, where she participated in different environmental and educational voluntary work projects. Riikka is interested in subjects related to social change and development, environmental and educational issues. She wrote her Master’s thesis about the social change of a small Mexican village, after foreign investors started major developments in the area. Riikka has also submitted an academic research about immigration from Mexico. She is also passionate about Latin America and Spanish language.

During her internship she is mainly working with the Earth Charter Secretariat’s Youth -focus area. The main tasks are:

  • Strategic outreach to Latin American countries to attract more youth to join the Earth Charter youth network 
  • Prepare the ground for Spanish e-GLO 
  • Translate the most essential youth resources into Spanish
  • Create new materials to support the youth activism within the Earth Charter Initiative 
  • Assist in e-GLO 2 evaluation 
  • Support in fundraising

Riikka’s input is highly valued and will tremendously help on outreach to Latin American youth.