Arts project for values education based on the Earth Charter

A new project from Spain called Educarte para Valorarte (Educating you to Value yourself) provides values education towards personal development through art, using the Earth Charter as the basis.  The program starts with a visit to an art exhibition with works from well-known artists, committed to the care of the planet and sustainable development.  After this visit, the children’s workshop begins with a reflection period and leads to them creating their own artwork. The idea is to turn the museum into a setting that shows the Earth and life as a work of art.  

This project has been carried out by Innovar en Valores (Innovate in Values), a nonprofit association affiliated to the Earth Charter Initiative, which comprises a diverse group of people committed to values from a personal development perspective. Its aim is to promote the education, research, and study of values as a means to influence personal development.   

Further goals of the organization are: promoting the exchange and dissemination of materials, initiatives, and ideas among different social groups: family, education, businesses, etc.;  facilitating, managing and coordinating innovative projects from the social, business, environmental, economic and educational field to promote principles and objectives for recreation and care for a better world; and use internationally ratified and endorsed documents, especially the Earth Charter, as references.

The group is also open to different social groups and persons who want to participate in this initiative.

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