Ban Ki Moon’s High Level Panel on Global Sustainability recommends the Earth Charter

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Established in August 2010, Ban Ki Moon’s High Level Panel on Global Sustainability released its final report on Monday, January 30th. The findings and language are more ambitious than the Rio+20 Zero Draft and provide a welcome voice to the sustainability discussion. The High Level panel consists of a mix of Former and Present Heads of State, as well as scientific and economic experts.

The recommendation in the document states:

“The Panel welcomes discourse on the ethical dimensions of sustainable development at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20) in 2012 among all stakeholders, based on relevant experience and instruments, including the Earth Charter, to inform Governments in their efforts to shift to sustainable development.”

Another, earlier passage states:

“While government policies and technological innovation both have major roles to play in helping move the world towards a sustainable pathway, the choices that people make are also crucial and depend on broad considerations, such as political perspectives, habits and ethical values. For example, providing access to mass transit and automobiles powered by renewable energy sources is only half the battle; individuals also need to value and choose mass transit in order for society to reap its full benefits. Similarly, the global discourse is promoted through such initiatives as the Earth Charter, which fosters awareness and shared responsibility.”

The document can be downloaded, along with a summary, here.