A Guide to Earth Charter

  • Published: 2012 Country: International

    Earth Charter Brochure 2012

    This is the brochure without poster created by contest winner Melody Wai of Canada. It is four pages and can be downloaded for print or digital pdf.

  • Published: 2012 Country: International

    Carta da Terra 2012 Brochura – Português

    Este é o folheto sem cartaz criado por concurso vencedor Melody Wai do Canadá. É quatro páginas e pode ser baixado para impressão ou pdf digital.

  • Published: 2012 Country: International

    8 page brochure for printing

    This is the 8 page Earth Charter brochure from 2012 for printing.

  • Published: 2011 Country: International

    Earth Charter PowerPoint Presentation Arabic

    Earth Charter PowerPoint presentation in Arabic. See an example flow of a session here.

  • Published: 2011 Country: International

    Histoire de l’Initiative de la Charte de la Terre

    Une brève histoire de la Charte de la Terre et de son Initiative depuis le Sommet de la Terre de 1992 à nos jours.

  • Published: 2010 Country: International

    Aclaraciones sobre Temas Controversiales – Carta de la Tierra

    De vez en cuando, las personas formulan preguntas acerca de la postura de la Carta de la Tierra con respecto a diferentes temas sociales que son controversiales o delicados. Steven Rockefeller, en consulta con varios miembros del Consejo y asesores…

  • Published: 2010 Country: International

    Earth Charter Initiative Handbook – 2010

    This EC Initiative Handbook has been prepared by the ECI Council and Secretariat as a general guide for advisors, affiliates, partners, and all those who are working with the Earth Charter in many different nations and cultures around the world.…

  • Published: 2009 Country: International

    Earth Charter Action Planning Manual

    “The purpose of Earth Charter action planning is to guide people to organize their thoughts, feelings, and experiences into a realistic and motivating plan for applying one or more principles within the Earth Charter to their lives. In other words,…

  • Published: 2008 Country: International

    General Presentation – Volunteers

    This is a general presentation about the Earth Charter to be used in educational settings

  • Published: 2008 Country: International

    Earth Charter Brochure