Creative Interpretations

  • Published: 2005 Country: Sweden

    Earth Charter Art Design – Green Cross Sweden

    This poster artwork was done for a school contest in Sweden that was sponsored by the Green Cross.

  • Published: 2005 Country: Netherlands

    Earth Charter Poster – Netherlands

    Earth Charter poster for children

  • Published: 2003 Country: International

    Seeds of Change Brochure

    Brochure of the Seeds of Change exhibition on the Earth Charter that is being shown around the world.

  • Published: 2002 Country: Armenia

    Earth Charter for children

    This beautiful improvisation on the main Charter`s themes was composed by the ECI Affiliate in Armenia, Association for Human Sustainable Development and it Head, Prof. Karine Danielyan. The story is a whimsical combination of Earth Charter values and the world-famous…

  • Published: 2002 Country: International

    Seeds of Change: The Earth Charter & Human Potential – exhibition

    Soka Gakkai International (SGI), in collaboration with the Earth Charter Initiative International Secretariat, produced an exhibition titled Seeds of Change: The Earth Charter & Human Potential. The exhibition highlights the Earth Charter as a "map" showing the way towards a…

  • Published: 2001 Country: United States

    The Ark of Hope

    The Ark of Hope is a wooden chest created in 2001 by designer and painter Sally Linder to house the Earth Charter document. On it's five panels are a series of paintings, depicting artistic representations of Air Water, Fire, Spirit…

  • Published: 2000 Country: International

    La Tierra y los seres humanos: ¿Quién pertenece a quién? – 2000

    En este lindo cuento que pasa en el siglo XXII, un hombre de negocios decide vender la Tierra, en muy mal estado, a unos gigantes del universo...

  • Published: 2000 Country: International

    La Carta de la Tierra en los cuentos de Oikodoro – 2000

    "Oikodoro es un duende muy sabio que vive en el bosque, y que por su bondad es muy querido por todos los niños y adultos. Oikodoro nos muestra aquí como podemos nosotros también cuidar de la Tierra y de todos…

  • Published: 2000 Country: Venezuela

    La Ultima Flor – Song

    This song offers the Earth Charter as an alternative to the destruction of the world and of the last flower of its kind, la ultima flor. Nehlin sent “La Ultima Flor” to hundreds of people as an Earth Charter promotion…

  • Published: 2000 Country: Australia

    Earth Charter Song

    At the South Australia Earth Charter launch in 2000, students of Thomas More College sang an Earth Charter song written by Nick Vall. This song was a call for peace, justice, and an understanding that nature can provide everything that…