Creative Interpretations

  • Published: 2010 Country: Colombia

    Song Qué Mundo Construyes para Mi

    This song, a Colombian “Bambuco”, was composed by Gloria de Alarcón and based on principles I and II of the Earth Charter. The singers are the girls Erika Lizzette and Katherine Alarcón, daughters of the author and it was translated…

  • Published: 2009 Country: Brazil

    Earth Charter video TV Spot – 2009

    Earth Charter International (ECI) presents a very nice TV spot that was put together in Brazil and broadcasted in numerous TV Channels as a communication campaign to raise awareness about the Earth Charter. This campaign is anchored in this 60…

  • Published: 2009 Country: International

    An Earth Charter Adaptation for Children – Korean

    This is a translation of NAIA's adaptation of the Earth Charter, Brasil. The translation was done by students of Portuguese Dept at Pusan University of Foreign Studies (PUFS), South Korea

  • Published: 2009 Country: Ethiopia

    I is Peace

    In September 2009, students of UPEACE organized a celebration of the International Day of Peace. Especially for this event, Billene Seyoum wrote this beautiful poem about seeing "peace" in each of us.

  • Published: 2009 Country: Russian Federation

    Book of poems for children

    The small book of poems for kindergartens and primary schools was published in Tatarstan by the branch of the Earth Charter Affiliate in Russia, the Russian Center for Environmental Policy and Culture (RCEPC). The publication is built on the values…

  • Published: 2009 Country: Russian Federation

    Earth Charter poster – Russian

    The Earth Charter poster is built on the values expressed in Part II of the Earth Charter "Ecological Integrity". The poster for kindergartens and primary schools was published in Tatarstan by the branch of the Earth Charter Affiliate in Russia,…

  • Published: 2009 Country: International

    Earth Charter Radio Spots

    The Earth Charter Radio Campaign consists of 4 radio spots introducing the Earth Charter and its principles. The length of each spot is 15 – 20 seconds and they are free to download. This is a project envisioned, designed and…

  • Published: 2008 Country: Ukraine

    The Oak Tree – Fairy Tale

    This beautiful fairytale inspired by the Convention on the Rights of the Child was written by Volodymyr Motyrov during his internship in UNICEF. It also relates to the 4th pillar of the Earth Charter: Democracy, Nonviolence and Peace.

  • Published: 2008 Country: Australia

    Earth Charter for Children: How to Care for the Earth and its People

    The 2008 Earth Charter Children's Poster was created by many students from different schools in Australia. The effort was led by the Queensland Government and Green Cross Australia.

  • Published: 2005 Country: Spain

    Earth Charter Poster Cartel Deyna