Steven C. Rockefeller Archive

  • Published: 2007 Country: International

    Best Practices & Strategies for Interreligious and Intercultural Cooperation – 2007

    Steven Rockefeller remarks on “Best Practices & Strategies for Interreligious and Intercultural Cooperation Going Forward” at the High-Level Dialogue of the General Assembly On Interreligious and Intercultural Understanding and Cooperation for Peace Informal Interactive Hearing with Civil Society - 4…

  • Published: 2005 Country: International

    Teilhard’s Vision and the Earth Charter

    “Teilhard’s Vision and the Earth Charter” An essay prepared by Steven C. Rockefeller for a panel on “The Spirit of the Earth: Global Ethics and a Sustainable Future” Teilhard 2005, United Nations, New York, April 8, 2005.

  • Published: 2004 Country: International

    Interdependence and Global Ethics – 2004

    Lecture presented at the University of the Philippines. Contents: I. Interdependence and the Need for Global Ethics II. Critics and Skeptics III. The Emergence of a New Global Ethic & the Concept of Sustainability IV. The Earth Charter V. Global…

  • Published: 2003 Country: Japan

    Vision, Courage, and Sustainability – 2003

    Professor Rockefeller address the GEA Conference for a Sustainable Future on October 24, 2003 in Toyko, Japan.

  • Published: 2002 Country: United States

    Building a Global Culture of Peace

    "The only long-term answer to the problem of terrorism is to build a global culture of peace. This requires a worldwide partnership of all nations and all peoples. (...) Here lies the relevance of the Earth Charter".

  • Published: 2002 Country: International

    The Earth Charter and The Johannesburg Summit. An Earth Charter Briefing

    Steven C. Rockefeller´s speech on The Earth Charter and The Johannesburg Summit An Earth Charter Briefing By Steven C. Rockefeller Second Preparatory Committee (PREPCOM 2). For The World Summit on Sustainable Development January 29, 2002

  • Published: 2002 Country: International

    La Carta de la Tierra y la Cumbre de Johannesburgo – 2002

  • Published: 2001 Country: United States

    The Earth Charter: Building a Global Culture of Peace – 2001

    Prof. Steven C. Rockefeller delivered this speech at the Earth Charter Community Summits held in Tampa, Florida on September 29, 2001.

  • Published: 2001 Country: International

    Ethics and the Earth Charter – A Conversation with Steven Rockefeller

    Rockefeller, S.C., 2001c. Ethics and the Earth Charter: a conversation. Interview in Boston Research Center for the 21st Century Newsletter, Fall/Winter, 18, pp. 6-10. (available online:

  • Published: 2000 Country: International

    New Blueprint for a Green Planet

    Rockefeller, S.C., 2000. New Blueprint for a Green Planet. San Francisco Chronicle, December, 31.