Book review – Earth-honoring Faith: Religious ethics in a new key by Larry L. Rasmussen

Larry Rasmussen’s new book Earth-honoring Faith: Religious ethics in a new key will resonate with admirers of the Earth Charter. In this book, the author stresses the importance of expanding our morality to include all creation through both a spiritual and ecological ethic. He urges the practice of religious and wisdom traditions to assist the transition from an industrial and consumption driven society to one of ecological stewardship and care for all life.

Rasmussen highlights the importance of the Earth Charter as a guide to creating constitutions and legislation. He also writes on the relationship of the Earth Charter to the Earth Justice movement and how the EC helps us understand our obligation “to bring forth a sustainable global society founded on respect for nature, universal human rights, economic justice, and a culture of peace.” Rasmussen is especially expansive in his discussions of the Earth Charter and its belonging to Wisdom traditions. This excellent piece of analysis strongly affirms the EC’s place in the sustainable development discourse and refers to it as new Wisdom.

For those interested in exploring the ecological side of faith traditions, as well as those looking to find a compromise among faith, ecological integrity, and modern society, this book will be welcome and provide many compelling arguments.

You can purchase the book here and find out more about the author by downloading his CV.