Brazilian UMAPAZ Celebrates 10 Years of using the Earth Charter


UMAPAZ 3The Open University for Environment and Culture of Peace – UMAPAZ – founded in 2006 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, has been using the principles of the Earth Charter for 10 years.

In 2009 UMAPAZ created the Earth Charter in Action Programme – Training Urban Socio-Environment Agents with the goal of “ creating a network of citizens that are prepared to act in order to transform urban environments into a sustainable and educational city. These “agents” go through a process of continuous and integrated learning. UMAPAZ 2

The programme, which is updated periodically, consists of an Introductory Module, Bases for Action, the City of Sao Paulo, Action Tools, and Transformational Experiences. It is offered free of charge by the Municipality of Sao Paulo, and is held at the headquarters of UMAPAZ, in Ibirapuera Park.

UMAPAZ 4In 2016, the 13th generation of the programme is training 50 participants who were selected from 350 applications. UMAPAZ made a conscience decision during the selection process to create a diverse group of participants based on gender, age, occupation, and geographic location, with the firm understanding that this next generation of diverse trainers can have the greatest impact on the city.

Mónica Pliz Barbosa is the Director of UMAPAZ. The Earth Charter Programme is coordinated by Lia Salomão Lopes, geographer, and by Debora Pontalti Marcondes, biologist. Practical training is provided by specialist Estela Pereira Gomes. The programme is taught by UMAPAZ teachers and guest lecturers. UMAPAZ 1