Celebrating Earth Day in Taiwan, Province of China

Taiwan Ecological Stewardship Association (TESA), got involved in several Earth Day related activities and publications, including special issues of newspapers.  Information on these can be found here in this document (in Mandarin).   The following is a summary of this document’s content:
1.      TESA’s vision and objectives.

2.      An article in Taiwan Church News (2010/4/12-18  # 3033) “Vision for a Sustainable Future – Introduction of EC+10 in Taiwan” and its background article called “Winning the Struggle Against Global Warming” (2009/6/6) by Brendan Mackey

3.      Articles under the theme “Serving God Saving the Planet” in Christian Tribune (2010/4/16-19, 20-22, 23-26 # 3172, 3173 & 3174)

4.      “Earth Charter and Biodiversity” Presentation by Dr. Hen-Biau King (President of Earth Charter Taiwan, Province of China) in the Press Conference (2010/4/22) at Taitung University

5.      Press Conference at Taipei NGO House (2010/4/22) for the publication of the book “Ecopsychology — Restoring the Earth; Healing the Mind” (Where Psyche Meets Gaia)

6. “Green Arts Festival”, celebration of the 40th anniversary of Earth Day with the theme “Go Green!” in Taipei (2010/4/24-25) Taipei

7-8. Asia Pacific EC+10 activity in Taitung, Taiwan. 2010/10/20-23