Celebrating International Youth Day 2018

On Sunday, August 5, we celebrated International Youth Day early with Earth Charter Young Leaders, youth from Quitirrisí, youth from the University for Peace, and Guaravito – Sustentabilidad y Conservación at the University for Peace. Our event consisted of creating a cultural exchange between various groups of youth with different backgrounds and traditions with a central theme of #SafeSpaces. Some of the activities included a blessing of the land by an Elder from Quitirrisí, an introduction to safe spaces for youth by Guaravito – Sustentabilidad y Conservación, an introduction of the Earth Charter and a transformative activity from Joanna Macy. To conclude, we had an interactive walk around the Peace Park to learn more about the biodiversity in the protected area of El Rodeo.

The purpose of our International Youth Day event was to foster a sense of belonging and purpose in our Youth to inspire them to go above and beyond all endeavors in life. Moreover, by providing them with #SafeSpaces, we encourage them to use their voices, speak their minds, and always fight for what they believe in.